December 19, 2016    Business

Complexity Is Our Biggest Problem

I feel like the biggest problem the human race is facing now is complexity. It has reached a point where we do not have a proper mechanism or tool to manage the complexity.

There is always a backstory to every story, and a backstory of that backstory ad infinitum. Even if you were a full time politician or intelligence analyst, you could never know everything to arrive at the right solution/response to anything.

Here is an analogy: Today’s electronics are so complex that one engineer cannot fully understand how, for instance, an iPhone works. So, it’s not possible to have a repair person at an Apple Store. They have to replace the whole thing unless the problem is obvious.

Given today’s complexity, how could any of us arrive at the correct solution to any political problem?

The first thing we have to do is to accept that it’s impossible, to stop pretending like we know the right answer. Only then, could we constructively try to figure out a pragmatic solution that gets around the complexity.