Differences in Value vs. Contradictions

Everywhere I look, I see hypocrisies and double standards. I keep pointing them out like whack-a-mole, but the sheer volume is overwhelming. It feels to me like people are tossing garbage everywhere while criticizing others for tossing garbage. A double whammy—garbage and conflicts everywhere.

Differences in our values do not bother me because we have a solution for settling them (democracy). There is no need for us to debate about our differences in values. It’s pointless. Leave them be.

But, when there are internal contradictions in our cognitive processes, it is worth our while to resolve them because we can prevent injustice and unnecessary conflicts. And, resolving contradictions requires the help of others. We cannot do it alone, at least not well.

The irony here is that people love arguing about differences in values but hate talking about their contradictions.