The Olympics: It’s Time for Us to Move on

Not that I was ever so into watching the Olympics but I’ve now completely lost interest in it. The thing is, human bodies have limitations. It is never going to be possible to run, say, 100m in a second. So obviously, we humans are going to hit a wall sooner or later. We cannot keep pushing our bodies. I think we have already hit the limit in most of the categories. So what is an athlete to do? Enhance their performance by unnatural means, whether it’s drugs, cutting edge science, or some sort of expensive technologies. It seems rather dehumanizing. 

I think everything has its natural end beyond which it is counter-productive or meaningless to keep going. 

When the first iPhone came out, it inspired our imagination and opened many possibilities for improving smart phones. Now it has reached a point where they are good enough for most things. It’s time for Apple to move on to something else. They can’t keep perfecting the same thing. 

What makes human beings unique is creativity. In a field where we are expected to keep improving the performance given a rigid set of rules, creativity can’t flourish. If our bodies have hit the limit, then the only way that our creativity can be applied is towards something other than our bodies, like inventing performance enhancing drugs. But then It would turn into a drug war. So, it seems, at this point, a reasonable thing to do is to move on to something entirely different.