Autistic Answers Question the Questions

“38 Test Answers That Are 100% Wrong But Totally Genius At The Same Time”

A lot of these answers are actually not “Wrong”. Most of these answers show autistic tendencies. In any given situation/question, kids on the spectrum would see all possibilities as being equally valid. This actually makes them less prejudiced than the average people. But this also makes them naive. For instance, the average people (even if they claim not to be racist) would see a black man walking towards them on the dark quiet street and would automatically become more vigilant and tense. Autistic kids would not assume anything based on the color of his skin.

The teachers who wrote many of these questions are relying on the kids to have this type of prejudice that would instinctively detect their intensions without spelling them out. But when autistic kids do not take anything for granted, and consider all possibilities, the teachers’ assumptions or prejudice are revealed. It is also a form of prejudice that our society/schools consider the teachers’ answers to be correct. In my opinion, in most of these, it’s the teachers who were wrong. When the kids point out the flaws, the teachers should correct the questions and make them more precise.

Looking at this, I realized why I was so bad at tests. It takes a lot of work/time to take into consideration all possibilities.