Existential Confrontations in “Indie Game”

I really liked this documentary, “Indie Game”. These game developers remind me of cartoonists who elevated the medium of cartoon to the highest level of art. The film also reminds me that, regardless of what medium you work in, the ultimate struggle within artists is always the same: confrontation with their own existence. Some feel the need for this confrontation stronger than others, and regardless of what they end up pursuing, their struggles emerge as art. In fact, such struggles are more fruitful in mediums/fields that are not traditionally considered as “art” since they are not haunted or bewitched by the convoluted self-awareness/consciousness that comes with the socio-cultural and historical identity of “artist”.

I was also struck by how insightful Jonathan Blow was about the nature of human relationship, given that he is a deeply reclusive person. (His quote about “vulnerability” is in the trailer and is essentially the main theme of the movie.) Perhaps knowing human nature isn’t about quantity but quality; there is no need to meet and interact with thousands of people in order to learn more about human nature. However way you deal with it, you learn difference facets in your own ways.