Why Express Ourselves?

We are all born into total darkness, and we all help one another navigate the darkness. The older people have built mountains for themselves to stand on so they can see the world better, and they hold up torches so the younger people can come up and see the world from the same vantage points. They visit different mountains built by different people so they begin to see the big picture. But eventually they start to build their own mountains, and hold up their own torches, so others can come up to see the views from there.

But when we stand high, holding up a torch, we will always have some people laughing at us from the ground. We shouldn’t let them bother us. We will also have some people trying to attack us. We have to be willing to fight them.

We don’t have to push our perspectives on others. We just hold up our torches and they will come to us. No two people have identical experiences in this life. We don’t even have to try to be unique because nobody else is standing where we are. Even if we are describing the same thing, we see it from different angles. The story from every angle is useful to someone else. The point of expressing ourselves is to share our perspectives to collectively achieve better understanding of this world.