George W Bush As a Great President

George W’s paintings of himself in bathroom went viral, and people seem to be interpreting it as him trying to wash off his failure as president. What I liked about W is that he did what he believed in. He didn’t engage in debates or discussions much. He didn’t care to hear or understand opposing views. I find that refreshing for politicians. Most of them try to figure out what people want to hear, and serve it right back to them. They are just interested in becoming more popular and powerful. They don’t really believe in anything themselves. I think W had the right attitude. If anyone made a mistake or failed, it’s the American people for electing him. Once elected, I want to see presidents stop debating and get to work. If what he believed in was truly beneficial for this country, he would have been regarded as one of the greatest presidents for having that single-minded attitude. It is the responsibility of the people to choose the right belief/vision, and it is the responsibility of the president to get it done. I think he was a great president when you look at it that way. At least better than Obama in my view. I don’t think he has much regrets in his mind. I too want to have the courage to do what I believe in. Even if it turns out to be an utter failure or mistake, what would matter for me is that I did what I believed in.